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Sierra Mist was actually a good product that I enjoyed more than Sprite. The formulation switch to sugar made it somewhat better nutritionally. As is the case with all mass produced products today, its all about growth and profit. Whoever came up with the re-branded...
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Why would you change a good thing? Diet Sierra Mist sold for years. All of a sudden you change it up???? Not only that, but Tops Markets staff are telling me that it is Pepsi Co that is to blame for none of the three Tops in my area having any to sell this week, saying...
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I liked
  • No color
  • And excellent taste
  • No caffeine
I didn't like
  • Change of diet sierra mist
  • Not having soda in retail stores in area
  • Not getting soda as before
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I've been drinking Diet Pepsi forever, and a few years ago, they were having issues with their formula. It had very little sweetener in it if any at all. I almost stopped drinking it then. But if something isn't done pretty quick, I will find a replacement product....
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I didn't like
  • Diet pepsi aspartame free
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