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PepsiCo back in 2015 removed controversial sweetener aspartame from its Diet Pepsi. This was shortly after discontinuing the Splenda sweetened Pepsi one.

Many consumers refuse to consume aspartame due to it being harmful and I am allergic to it. Now PepsiCo has announced that they are going back to aspartame in the diet soda line and the sucralose sweet and version will only be available online. Currently in the state of Massachusetts there are still diet Pepsi's that read now aspartame free on the front of the label. Pictures have been surfacing on Facebook in various Pepsi groups showing pictures of Diet Pepsi with the classic Diet Pepsi taste they had originally planned on making both versions to keep both groups happy.

I am unable to make online purchases as I do not have a credit card. Also this is a problem with certain types of restaurants such as sub shops and pizza shops which serve bottled Pepsi instead of a soda fountain Pepsi. Fountain Pepsi is alleged to remain aspartame free at the moment.

So this is ruining my entire restaurant experience as well. I would like Pepsi to keep the aspartame free diet Pepsi as their main diet Pepsi Beverage has most companies that replace aspartame and Sucralose never look back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pepsi Soft Drink.

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Why would PepsiCo make all its decisions based on the specific opinions of one man?.... just find something else to drink!

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